Monday, February 13, 2012

Sweat is Sexy

In case my imaginary readers are unaware, I've become quite the gym rat the past year or two. The first time I moved to Provo it was in May, so I spent every single day outside, hiking alone in the beautiful mountains that surround this little city. The second time I moved here was in January, in the dead of winter. I didn't own one pair of socks. I didn't have a coat and I had never worn any type of boots in my life. Because it was too cold and I was too unprepared to become a master at any winter sport, I needed a different outlet. That's when I discovered 24 Hour Fitness. This place has become my home away from home, my cure for winter depression, and the source of countless new friends. I may not LOOK like I exercise 12-15 hours a week, but I do. I've never had a perfect body, and thankfully, I've never really cared. Sure, everyone wants to look lean and fit, but to me, feeling and being healthy is more important than looking it. I know sometime my hard work will pay off and I'll have a rockin bod, but until then, the endorphins, the sweat, the laughter, the fun music and the friends are enough to keep me going to the gym.
Sweat is the body's proof that it's working hard. Sweating releases toxins in the body: both physical and emotional toxins. No matter what emotion I'm feeling, exercise can improve it. Here are my outlets that actually work and always leave me feeling better with a new mood and perspective. For anxiety, I do yoga. Just closing my eyes and balancing my body helps balance the mind and spirit too. For sadness, I lift weights. When I'm sad I feel defeated, and lifting weights helps me feel strong. For anger and confusion, I do Zumba. It's absolutely impossible to scowl or be angry when you're jumping around, flailing your arms and legs through the air, all while listening to Ricky Martin. For laziness, indifference, and all other emotions, doing any exercise makes me feel motivated, positive and energized.

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